Perfection in the high performance connecting rod machining segment


With an impressive manufacturing capacity and flexibility, the AM offers the best results and conditions for the machining of connecting rods.
This is why the manufacturing module is an essential factor of success for a production segment from 500,000 to 1,300,000 connecting rods per year.

Schematic representation of the machine

Success factors of the AM

  • Maximum efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Safe access and good overview
  • Reduction of footprint compared to competitors’ machines
  • Time-saving installation and relocating
  • Favorable thermal characteristic
  • Optimized chip disposal
  • Less energy consumption, less wear and tear
  • Machining with retracted Z-axis for highest precision

Main principle of the machine

The main principle of the machine
A spindle row dedicated to each process step – this is the main principle of the AM. Tool change is not necessary, tool changing times do not apply. The advantages of this concept: high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Ideal process layout
With the individual process layout, Alfing’s longtime experience in machining connecting rods becomes apparent. That way the machine’s full potential comes into play.

All machining steps in one setup
With the AM, spindles can be arranged at both sides as well as on the top of the machining area. Therefore, pre-machining and bolt hole machining or entire finish machining can be done in only one setup. All that takes place in an optimized work envelope.

Chip-to-chip time less than one second
Compared to a machining center the AM does not require tool changing. Chip-to-chip time is less than one second between spindle rows, which are next to each other.



Hydrostatic round quill

Hydrostatische Rundpinole

High rigidity
The core piece of the AM is its hydrostatic round quill. It is characterized by its high rigidity and combines the feed motion in the Z-axis with the rotatory motion in the C-axis. Compared to the former parallel linear guides, which are subject to wear, the quill has the advantage of being wear free and does not lose the setup. The oil film of the hydrostatic quill guiding results in high dampening of the process and separates part vibrations of the machine.

The cantilever concept

Extension length = Bearing length
Short force distance as well as short levers secure high rigidity. Machining is mainly performed with retracted quill. Therefore, the extension of the Z-axis equals the bearing length of the quill axis.

Das Kragarmkonzept

Two sizes

The machine is available in 2 sizes as AM3 and AM4.



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