Flexibility and productivity in con rod machining


The AT 200 and the AF 400 con rod machines are specialized in semi-finish and finish machining whereby every machine is optimally designed for the corresponding requirements. Highly precise sub-assemblies are only used where required.

Schematic representation of the machine

The AT 200 for semi-finish machining of con rods

  • Up to 4 fixture plates can be mounted for short change-over times
  • Up to 2 turret heads with 4, 6 or 8 tools each
  • Extremely short chip-to-chip time
  • No chip problems at the tool interface thanks to the use of the tool turret
  • High thermal stability
  • High operator convenience
  • Very good accessibility for maintenance and tool change
  • Low space requirements on floor and in height
  • Very versatile: Equipped with a Y-stroke of 630 mm it is a highly productive and process-safe alternative compared to a machining center



The clamping fixture swivels around the A-axis and can be moved linearly in Y-direction. It can be quickly changed over and allows a clamping sequence freely programmable in the NC program. Due to the high flexibility, it offers the possibility to quickly, easily and cost-efficiently produce different work pieces on the machine. Thanks to the four sided tombstone concept, up to 4 different component types can be machined without any change-over.

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Up to two turret heads can be placed onto the slide moving in X- and Z-direction. Thus, work pieces can be machined parallel, significantly increasing the total output.