• Highly productive machining concept with moderate degree of flexibility
  • Low floor space and automation requirements in comparison to solutions with machining centers
  • Modular concept tailored to the processing task
  • Highest degree of metal removal and accuracy due to spindle and station layout
  • Ridged fixturing  concept for high metal removal
  • Vertical fixture concept providing optimal chip evacuation
  • Indexing concept combined with horizontal and vertical spindle arrangement in the stations eliminating positioning errors caused by un-clamping and re-clamping of the work pieces.
  • Simple production line integration using gantry or robot systems
  • Fixed and ridged tool mountings eliminating errors and chip issues caused by tool changers

Rotary Table Machines

ALFING rotary table machines are highly productive machining concepts with a moderate degree of flexibility. Each machine is tailored to the required process sequence using modular designed machining units.

Horizontal, vertical and even angled spindle arrangements are used for the machining stations. The concept of loading and unloading during the machining operation provides short cycle times in combination with high and consistent quality.

The rotary table machines can be used for pre-machining, semi-finishing and finishing operations. The indexing of the fixture from station to station eliminates the positioning errors caused by un-clamping and re-clamping of work pieces.

The application for this machine concept is best suited for high production levels with short ramp-up curves. The concept is known for low floor space requirements, when compared to the achieved output. In most applications, these machines are integrated into highly automated manufacturing systems.



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