AMT Automation


Gantry Robots

The modular designs of the gantry robots developed by AMT are the ideal solutions for versatile, cost-effective automation tasks:

  • Linear gantries
  • Area gantries
  • 3 axis loaders
  • Articulated-arm gantries
  • Special configurations


Robot Cells

Robot cells are especially suitable when the flexibility of the automation and the integration of additional processes are the priority, such as brushing or marking,  The advantages of AMT are:

  • Intensive consultation by experienced Project Engineers
  • Complex solutions achieved with simple steps
  • Many years of experience as Kuka’s official system partner


Turn-key Systems

Another focal point of AMT is planning and supplying turn-key automation for entire production lines.  In those cases, AMT also delivers transport systems between operations and special purpose solutions, such as:

  • Conveyor systems
  • Alignment stations
  • Deburring and brushing equipment
  • Laser marking systems
  • Measuring equipment



AMT is the world's leading manufacturer of connecting rod automation.  Our product range designed especially for connecting rods includes:

  • Sliding beam conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Loading and unloading devices
  • Flexible palletized conveyor systems