Connecting rod automation without limitations

Uncompromised Specialization

AMT is the world's leading manufacturer of connecting rod automation. For more than 20 years, we have been developing system solutions for the transport, storage and handling of connecting rods together with our customers in the automotive industry.

Sliding beam conveyor for connecting rods

Sliding beam conveyors are simple, cost-effective transport systems for connecting rods. A sliding beam conveyor consists essentially of two supporting bars and a sliding beam. The sliding beam pushes the connecting rods step by step in the direction of transport with a horizontally oscillating movement. The main advantages are large buffer capacity, the queue effect and the high reliability.

Schiebetransporte für Pleuel

Chain conveyors for connecting rods

Transportbänder für Pleuel

Chain conveyors are frequently used to realize special tasks. This is for example the case of walk-throughs, fast transport distances with low buffer capacity, indexing systems or as a basis for the realization of type and position control, laser or needle markers. In AMT chain conveyors, the connecting rods are transported flat and guided on the side. In order to ensure accessibility to the processing machines, it is often necessary to have walk-throughs for persons or vehicles. For this purpose AMT has developed special arched passages, whose height and width can be adapted flexibly.

Loading and unloading devices for connecting rods

As a specialist in the handling of connecting rods, we develop special loading and unloading systems for transfer lines, rotary table machines, grinding machines, honing machines, washing machines and measuring machines. These loading and unloading devices are mainly special solutions which are flexibly constructed from our standard components.

Be- und Entladeeinrichtungen für Pleuel

Flexible connecting rod automation

Flexible Pleuelautomation

Our customers are increasing the demand for flexible rod automation in order to be able to drive a wide variety of connecting rod types across a production line. For this reason, AMT has developed flexible, pallet-based transport solutions in conjunction with gantry loaders or robots. Transport pallets are designed in such a way that different types of connecting rods can be transported without the need for change-over. In addition, these systems offer a high buffer capacity.



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