One Vendor - One Partner

AMT is not just a vendor of fastening technology, but rather also a system provider for

  • Complete assembly work stations
  • Manually guided multi-head nut runners
  • Installation ready nut runner modules
  • Automatic tightening stations

Consultation, Project Planning, Delivery And Assembly In The Customer’s Office - Everything From One Source!

As a specialist for assembly technology, we do not only deliver fastening technology - we plan the project and deliver the complete workspace. Already at the beginning of the project, you will always receive optimal support from our Project Managers while you plan your required systems.

A wide spectrum of standard solutions is available for this, which are customized to the respective application case. It is clear why many customers decide for fastening technology from AMT. One contact for all tasks dealing with assembly technology reduces the planning and coordination efforts and therefore the costs as well.

Assembly Workspaces

The setup of an assembly workspace for tightening operations normally requires more than just the selection of nutrunners and controller. Often special handling devices are required to guide and support the tools. In addition to this are other components to guide the workers and for visualization like monitors, light columns or operator panels. The selection of the correct socket by the worker may also be defined and examined through the use of controlled socket boxes. If you also integrate sensor systems to monitor the exact spindle position, a complete control and documentation of the fastening process is possible.


Hand-Guided Multi-head Nut Runners


Complex handling devices are planned by our design department in 3D-CAD and presented to our customers. After any required modifications, the handling devices are assembled in our workshop and put into operation. Every customer can completely test their assembly workstation at our facility before delivery.

Automatic Assembly Stations

Several nut runner spindles are integrated into a tightening station. The tightening process is done automatically. The parts to be assembled are placed manually.

Automatische Schraubstationen



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