Compact Fixture Nutrunners

The fixture nutrunners from the KCX series are extremely compact and very light. They were developed specifically for applications where the space and weight of the fastening technology being used play an important role. This is the case for all applications where single or multiple channel nutrunner systems must be executed in tight spaces. Examples for this are robot applications like the assembly of sunroofs or the assembly of instrument panels.

Inline Output

Torqueto 48 Nm
Speedto 1.481 1/min

Offset Output

Torqueto 48 Nm
Speedto 1.388 1/min

Angle Output

Torqueto 83 Nm
Speedto 350 1/min


Inline Output

Length: 174 – 194 mm


Offset Output

Length: 294 – 301 mm


Angle - Output

Length: 218 – 257 mm

Robust Design

The compact nutrunners from the KCX series are designed for hard industrial usage. The motor and drive units are designed for a long lifespan. This robust construction leads to an extension of the lifespan and thereby minimizes maintenance costs.

Integrated Data Chip

Of course the compact nutrunners from the KCX series also have an integrated data chip in which all relevant tool data is saved by the factory. This data is automatically imported by the AMT controls as soon as a new tool is connected to a controller. Laborious parameterization is therefore a thing of the past. The data chip also saves the number of executed fastening cycles. This allows for the development and planning for preventive maintenance.

Error Proofing Assembly

All KCX nutrunners have a torque sensor to measure the torque. The angle of rotation is determined through a linear hall sensor. Fasteners can therefore be done with the highest precision with consistent quality. Through the angle detection, it is also examined to see if the defined torque was actually used on the same fastener within the assembly. All AMT controls additionally monitor the power intake of the tool equivalent to the torque as a redundant control variable. Thus, all requirements that are placed in the assembly of safety-relevant or quality-critical assemblies are fulfilled.



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