Fixture Nutrunners ECR

Fixture nutrunners from the ECR series have proven themselves in thousands of applications and are distinguished by reliability, high performance and extreme precision even with complex assembly applications.

Inline Output

Torqueto 1.200 Nm
Speedto 1.200 1/min

Offset Output

Torqueto 1.075 Nm
Speedto 1.120 1/min

Angle Output

Torqueto 642 Nm
Speedto 1.200 1/min

Powerful - Efficient - Intelligent

Short assembly times and high availability of nutrunners are absolutely indispensable in automatic assembly stations. That is why we only use maintenance-free and highly dynamic EC motors as drives.

Cost Reduction Through Modular Design

Fixture nutrunners from AMT have modular constructions, this means individual components like the drive type or torque sensors can be combined as needed. The modular construction additionally reduces your costs for spare parts and for repairs.

Integrated Data Chip

Our fixture nutrunners are also “intelligent”. They automatically transfer their specific data to our spindle controller and notify the user when preventive maintenance is necessary.

Action Torque Sensor For Highest Precision

Fixture nutrunners from AMT stand for the highest precision during the assembly process. That is why we prefer to use an action torque sensor to record the torque in the control circuit. Here the torque is measured as close as possible to the hex of the bolt, this means directly on the drive shaft. Any changes in effectiveness in the angle or offset drives due to wear therefore have no influence on the tightening torque. If the tightening torque is achieved, the assembly process will be executed securely independent of the mechanical condition of the drive.

Zentrischer Abtrieb

Advanced Process Safety Through Redundancy

The VDI directive 2862 recommends the use of redundant torque sensors for category A fastening joints (direct or indirect injury and death hazard). AMT fixture nutrunners record the values with these designs as follows:

Control Circuit:

  • Torque measurement through an action torque sensor
  • Angle recording through an angle sensor

Control Circuit

  • Torque measurement through a reaction torque sensor
  • Angle recording through resolver

The transmission and processing of the measurements by the control circuit is carried out independently until the final comparison. A deviation in the compared values leads to an NIO statement.

Integrated Maintenance Management

Even the most reliable of nutrunners are subject to natural wear. To make sure that this wear does not lead to a sudden failure of the tool, the tools from AMT automatically notify the user when preventive maintenance is required. A maintenance cycle counter integrated in the nutrunner with a load-dependent evaluation ensures that necessary maintenance is reported on time. This increases the availability of the nutrunner through a wear-dependent replacement of components.



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