Fixture Nutrunners ESX

The fixture nutrunners from the ESX series are the newest generation of fixture spindles in our portfolio. Higher torques and higher speeds are achieved through the use of new high-power motors with improved efficiency. The exchanging of signals between the tool and control is carried out digitally for the fixture nutrunners from the ESX series.
Together with the new ESX fixture nutrunners, a completely newly developed control generation was implemented. This makes it possible to now program and monitor the tool with mobile devices like tablets or smartphones.

Inline Output

Torqueto 1.300 Nm
Speedto 1.200 1/min

Offset Output

Torqueto 1.000 Nm
Speedto 1.114 1/min

Angle Output

Torqueto 800 Nm
Speedto 1.136 1/min

Modular Construction

The ESX tools have modular designs, this means individual components like transducers or output shafts can be combined together as needed. Furthermore, the cable connector can be gradually adjusted to the respective installation position of the nutrunner with the innovative rotating joint hybrid plug.

Digital Communication

The ESX tools communicate digitally with the controllers. Through the reduced number of wires, the tool cable is significantly thinner, more flexible and lighter. Even with redundant designs with two transducers for the torque and rotational angle recording, the nutrunner is only connected with the controller through a hybrid cable for data and performance.

Integrated Status Display

The status display integrated on the spindle combines several advantages. The operation and communication status as well as the quality statement of the last fastening application are displayed through LEDs. Through this, the diagnosis of downtime is simplified greatly and if the nutrunner is used in a handling device, a separate display panel is not required.

New motors and Drives

By using a new generation of motors, the performance of the ESX fixture nutrunners was able to be increased by up to 16% when compared to the proven ECR series with the same size. The motors additionally have a greatly improved level of efficiency. This reduces the energy consumption per application as well as the heating up of the tool. With the newly developed drive series, the output torque could be increased by up to 35% with the same size.

Rotating Joint Hybrid Plug

The innovative rotating joint hybrid plug can be gradually adjusted to fit the respective installation position of the nutrunner. Every angle can be gradually set between a straight cable outlet and a nearly 90 degree outlet. It is also possible to rotate the plug 330 degrees. Angle plugs on the tool cable are now a thing of the past. It is now significantly easier to keep reserves.



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