AMT Leak test systems

Complete tailored solutions for your quality assurance process

AMT develops customer-specific leak test systems, tailored to specific tasks, technical environments and economical conditions. We use established solutions and integrate them into an efficient overall process.

System concepts and range of components

Stand-alone leak test systems

  • Stand-alone leak test systems for small- to medium-sized volumes
  • Fully automated leak test systems for high volumes and fixed cycle times
  • Underwater testing equipment for visual identification of leak path


In-line leak test systems

  • With assembly functions before and/or after leak test
  • as an integrated part of a manufacturing process (e.g. plug test)
  • with downstream packaging and logistic processes connected by automation

The range of components that benefit from Leak Testing is endless. AMT specializes in automotive parts such as:

  • Cylinder heads
  • Cylinder Blocks
  • Transmission housings
  • Clutch housings
  • Steering racks
  • Vessels
  • Pumps

In case that the customer does not specify a preferred leak test equipment supplier, AMT has a trusted and proven long term partner who can provide standard and special solutions.

Stand-alone leak test systems

Our compact leak test systems for the qualification of manufacturing processes are free standing and can be loaded manually or automatically as required. They are cost-effective, have upgrade or conversion flexibility and offer many options for data evaluation and archiving.

  • Single or dual test stations
  • Enclosure to protect against outside influences
  • Compact control technology
  • Leak testing devices permanently integrated or interchangeable
  • Reusable standard equipment
  • Manual loading secured by light curtain, two-hand start or safety fence
  • Automated loading optional
  • Data storage, network connectivity
  • Integrated part marking
  • Workpiece identification via camera, hand scanner or manual input
  • Special functions such as label printing, hot  stamping, color stamping are available
  • “Plug and Play” philosophy, minimizing start up commissioning time
  • Special and customer specific requirements are easily implemented
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Automated leak test systems

Automated leak test systems are used when short cycle times and high part type complexities are required. These independently operating leak test cells can be loaded using conveyor systems,robots or other part handling systems.

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  • Single or multiple test cells
  • Enclosure to protect against outside influences
  • Load/Unload with robot, gantry loader or conveyor
  • Seal plates with simple quick-change systems to reduce machine downtime
  • Grouping of test areas with simple exchangeability
  • Implementation of partial or fully automatic mastering and calibration sequences
  • Integrated part marking
  • Data storage, network connectivity
  • Machine can be easily retooled to accommodate part changes

Integrated assembly and leak test systems

Following assembly operations, leak tests are frequently performed on the assembled work pieces. In order to test the specified production step on the part, the leak test can be a station within the production module (e.g. testing water or oil gallery plugs after they are installed) or can be an independent module within an assembly cell. This eliminates that further expensive production steps are performed on rejected parts.

  • Leak test in combination with assembly operations (e.g. plug test)
  • Cost savings by eliminating  further expensive processes in case of reject
  • Cost-savings through the use of available transport and handling systems and a single controller
  • A fully automatic process cell within one safe operating zone
  • System layout flexibility
  • Integration of a wide range of test processes
  • Assembly and leak test system from the same supplier simplifies planning and reduces interfaces
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Dunk Tank (underwater testing)

The Dunk Tank is a cost-efficient system for visual leak test. It allows simple identification of leaks on the work piece and supports immediate repair.

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  • Reusable stainless steel tank construction with or without window
  • Electrical or purely pneumatic test sequence
  • Interchangeable seal plates and seal carriers for different work pieces
  • Data handling available for systems with electrical control
  • Integrated heating system if required
  • Combination with dry testing available
  • Manual or lift assist loading
  • Glare-free underwater LED lighting
  • Manual or automatic control of chamber
  • Gallery cross check with test tubes available
  • Light screen, two-hand start or safety door available for operator protection
  • Identical seal design as in the automated station ensuring correlation of test results
  • Compact design, easy to place

Test piece quality

  • Testing of rough casting (depending on condition)
  • Testing after initial machining process
  • Testing during various processing steps
  • Final testing
  • Sub-assembly testing
  • Testing with or without mounting brackets
  • Testing shot blasted or washed and vacuum-dried

Possible tests

  • Simple Leak Test of cavity/volumes
    (absolute pressure, differential pressure or mass flow measurement)
  • Test volume measurement with simultaneous test of transitional leaks
    (Test volume measurement against atmosphere and simultaneous test of adjacent, internal spaces)
  • Dynamic pressure measurement (tool break test)
  • Leak Test of externally plugged test volumes access points (such as Cup Plugged water galleries)
  • Mass Flow rate Leak Test
  • Negative pressure/vacuum testing of test volumes
  • Closed housing testing (sealed electronics housing)
  • Reference testing, volume monitoring
  • Casting core testing
  • Possible combination of tests (e.g. flow testing with several outlets)
  • Temperature compensation
  • Chamber testing (from outside inwards)
  • Tactile and visual testing
  • Measuring and differentiation (color, form, position)

Possible applications

  • Automotive industry OEM
  • Automotive suppliers TIER
  • Foundries
  • Manufacturers of electronic components
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Outdoor technology, moisture protection
  • Lighting applications
  • Medical technology
  • Water technology, hydraulics
  • Pneumatics, switching modules
  • E-mobility
  • Heat exchangers, water-oil systems
  • Cooling compressors and components
  • Vessels, plastic containers

Seal quality

  • Depending on requirements and specifications, AMT uses seals that are easily obtainable and cost effective
  • Special seals are developed by our specialists and are discussed with our customers.
  • For small volumes, water jet seals made from standard NBR (Nitrile Rubber) rubber mats are used.
  • Special seals are “cast” and therefore, have a very consistent quality. This allows the use of other mixtures and higher quality materials.  Therefore, our customers have the oportunity of reducing seal wear and benefitting from longer seal life and the cost savings associated with this.
  • For seals that are installed in large volumes,  injection molding equipment is being used.



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